Dungeon madness!

30 ago 2016

There's been a while withouth uploading my own stuff to the blog but i'm pretty sure it's worth! This time i want to introduce a new line called DUNGEON MADNESS, focused on themed dungeon miniature busts and each new products are going to be different from each others. The scale is 1/12 as well. Because lately most of the limited editions sometimes doesn't feel like it meant to be, this products are intended to be super exclusive, being only 60 units limited edition. This way i want to offer a  really unique product, as always this miniatures are designed, sculpted and casted by myself, so the high quality standard and the low prices stays the same! Remember all the MINIATURE MADNESS catalog is only available online!

DUNGEON MADNESS is a project wich i've been personally enthusiastic, because i've been a fantasy consumer all my life. This way i want to make eventually different fantasy races and classes busts.

Here you can find the first 3 incorporations for DUNGEON MADNESS catalog! This collection is all about gnomes, a very rare race in the miniature world that i really appreciate and i wanted to do my personal tribute.

Gnome assasin

Gnome mage

Gnome warrior
More pictures into the gallery!

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