Mad chest - Step by step

27 jun 2016

Hello there! I would like to show you the pictures from the Madchest sculpting process:

First i went to the basic, the box. I needed a solid base to work on, so the fastest way was making a fimo box and after just a few seconds with the heath gun it was ready!


Then was the moment to add a thin fimo layer around the box, to be more accurate and save some time i used a small spatula.

Once i had the basic form i defined the corner frames with my wood tool


At this point i was aiming for some symmetry so i went working each side at the same time


 Once i had the upper border defined i used the spatula to define the wooden tables


Once i achieved this i went for the corner borders


Now i was detailing a little bit, working hard surfaces with fimo can be problematic if you are not used to!


 Now it's the tongue turn, this is the first sketch, then i realized that i needed a extra twist, to achieve a more dramatic feeling.


The upper chest part was made in a similar way, first a box defining the wooden tables, then i put the piece in the oven and finally i finished the piece, at this point i had to sand down the edges in order to get a steady and convincent result. Finally i detailed the edges and corners with tiny rivets.


I made the arms separately and then i put them into the chest

            This is the final result from the chest:

 And finally the body, this is the only picture i had from the body process!

This is the final result with the final picure! You can find the final pictures in another entry, hope you like it!

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