Mad chest

27 jun 2016

Here you can find the final pictures for the Mad chest sculpture:

Only available in the online store! What are you waiting for?

Mad chest - Step by step

Hello there! I would like to show you the pictures from the Madchest sculpting process:

First i went to the basic, the box. I needed a solid base to work on, so the fastest way was making a fimo box and after just a few seconds with the heath gun it was ready!


Willy miniatures - Sport casters

8 jun 2016

I'm glad to introduce you the sport casters i made last year for Willy miniatures, this miniatures has a special meaning for me, because the ogre was something i really wanted to do, and caught me in a special moment, after the Monte san savino contest i went back home with my batteries recharged and a brand new way to sculpt, improving significantly my personal perspective and technique. This one was made entirely with Super sculpey firm, and  milliput.

You can purchase both in the willy miniatures store:

Willy miniatures - Human trainer

Here you can find the pictures from the human trainer, at this moment you can find it thorugh the Human team crowdfounding from Willy miniatures. This miniature is 28mm to top of the head, this one has a classic look, perfect for those vintage miniature fans :).