Smile!: Brief tutorial process

18 may 2016

I know that watching the proccess can be really helpfull and didactic so i'm uploading a few "Smile! goblin party" pictures that may help you to understand the creative steps i followed with this pieces.

I like to define design sculpting so first i wanted to preview what i wanted to do, i knew i wanted a goblin birthday party, but somehow i need to set up your ideas and translate the idea to a real shape, and this clay models are perfect to do just a previus sketch:


 Doing this step i asure about what i'm doing so this means less mistakes and changes for the final version, despite there were changes still being pretty close to the starting idea.

After the first step resolved, i had to decided the busts size and the materials, i decided to go on 1/12 scale which is a very standard size in my opinion. The materials depending on the artist can choose one or another, in my opinion each clay and putty offers different properties indeed. And if you know it well you can get great approach from each one.

For the Big one i chose Super sculpey firm because i wanted kind of soft surfaces and a lot of wrinkle and rappery too, super sculpey firm offers nice smooth results very easily with a little bit of white spirit. However for the little goblins i chose Fimo classic + Beesputty, due the bees wax propperties mixed with Fimo classic, this material offer enough resistance for working with my tools and ideal plasticity to get sharper details.

The basic armature i made it simple, just 1.0 mm wires wrapped by a fine copper wire and some aluminium beneath to achieve a fasten bracket. Then i cover this armature with Super sculpey (the normal one) to achieve a solid support where i can work certainly. The advantage of doing this method is simple, the polimeric clays get harden with some heat, so i use a heat gun for fast set up.


 Now the fun begins, the previus steps were only orientative but certainly essentials, if you get wrong measure possibly you will have lot of mess, so keep in mind to take your time, because if you do so, you won't have to worry and this allows to focus on the volume and simetry part. Indicating the further details roughly.


Finally, i define the figure shape, and detail the anatomy and accesories. Usually i leave the hands for later, to avoid accidental deforming while i'm working. 
A small tip: Serve from anatomy books, doing something real from the imagination usually is pretty hard, even for the advanced ones


At the very end, i had to polish the details to achieve a clean look, this is very important too, so be sure every part is correctly treated, you can deal this process using diverse techniques, i like to use my wood lancet and the claypshaper.

If you have noticed, the original version had a ear slightly lift. This gave the piece more movement, unfortunately i had to change it in order to improve the demold process.

Here you can see the another pieces already finshed:

Hope you enjoy this brief tutorial, soon i'll doing more extense wips and tutorials so keep in touch for further updates!

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 Happy sculpting and keep the miniature madness!

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