Pirate Goblin + Crab + Resin cast available!

10 nov 2015


¡Golden rum always taste better close to a friendly big crab, fella! Right? And if there's a Golden Medal, much more better.

Normally travels takes us to a final point, and my Pirate goblin sculpture which is inspired from an original illustration made by my favorite illustrator from Madrid: Álvaro Ramírez finally is completed after so long. So i'm glad to announce it has received the Gold medal in fantasy open standard this past weekend in Monte San Savino Show Italy.

Now I'm proud to show and present to you my first own homemade, retail high quality resin cast. From a personal and precise work, from a 70 mm tall miniature and not made as a commission. For the first time ever! The cast proccess is entirely produced by myself, with the 25 first copies already to sale.